Want some free meat?

If you live in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax and take transit, keep an eye out for someone dressed like a butcher between 4 and 6pm today. If you spot someone, be sure to say hi as that person may just give you a coupon to try the new President's Choice meat products for free!

That's right, free meat!

With rising prices, who couldn't use a little break in the grocery department?


Megan said...

If I saw a someone dressed as a butcher standing in the street, I would run screaming in the other direction.

NKP said...

First of all, Megan you are hilarious.
Second - Jenny, I knew exactly what you were writing about but loved how dirty the title seemed!
Let's hope the butchers were in clean uniforms.. so as not to cause a scare. :)

Web Designing said...

cant help but laugh..

Outsourcing Manila said...

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