Menu Plan Monday: April 24

This week's menu plan is recipe heavy. It's been awhile since I've done this, and I feel a need.

Each of the recipes that I plan to try are completely new to me, nothing repeated. I'm even trying a new recipe for banana bread, which I just pulled from the oven.

This could be fun or a total disaster. Cross your fingers for the fun part - I really don't want to have to make a second meal every night if things don't go well!

Sunday: Easter dinner with family - my contribution was Cauliflower Cheese from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food (Called Food Revolution here in Canada), apple crumble and Peep S'mores.

Monday: Sauteed Fish Sticks with Dill Potato Chips from the April/May Clean Eating. (I will be using haddock instead of tilapia because I could not find any tilapia, and will be skipping the mustard slaw and homemade dip that is printed with the recipe.)

Wednesday: Sauteed Chicken with mushrooms and green beans (from Martha's App again), and Baked French Potatoes (from Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food.)

Thursday: I'm not home tonight, someone else cooking - grilled cheese with caesar salad.

Friday: Perogies from a local store that hand makes them. Haven't tried this place yet but it got a good recommendation and does take out so we are going to try it.

So that's the plan for the week, which I'm posting on Menu Plan Monday.

Menu Plan Monday: April 17

Last week's menu plan was one of those rare plans where I made everything I said I was going to make, when I said I was going to make it. It doesn't happen very often where nothing changes, I'm not running late or forget to take something out to defrost.

I'll try to do better next week. (Yes, I'm kidding!)

Sunday: Prime rib chili with tortilla chips and fixins (based on Tyler Florence's recipe found on page 60 of Dinner at My Place)

Monday: crispy baked chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes (I'm trying out a frozen potato product for mashed potatoes, which I will blog about later.)

Tuesday: blueberry cake french toast with bacon (I'm skipping the crumble topping and am not doing the "icing" I initially saw served on this.)

Wednesday: broccoli stuffed chicken breast with noodles and peas

Thursday: Hubby cooking pasta

Friday: Rib eye steak in whiskey cream sauce (from Pioneer Woman, recipe in her cookbook)

And that's the plan for this week, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

Menu Plan Monday: April 10

Last week's plan went pretty well as, well, planned. Except for Thursday, where I had planned to make panini sandwiches and ended up taking my two boys out for a nice dinner instead.

I did end up finding my old coil notebook for my menu plan, and have started to use it again. This notebook dates back to July 2007, and I am always fascinated looking back at what I'd planned for the week and how things were changed from the original plan. Somewhere on my cookbook shelf I have my original menu plan notebook, which took several years to fill up as well.

Either way, here is the plan for the week:

Sunday: Spaghetti and meatballs

Monday: Pork souvlaki with pizza and salad

Tuesday: Taco night (oldest son is taking care of dinner as I'm going to the dentist for some work and don't expect to be up for much after - what a nice boy he's being.)

Wednesday: Butter chicken with naan and rice

Thursday: Panini sandwiches (lets try this again!)

Friday: Bbq hamburgers with salad

And that's what I'm posting on Menu Plan Monday.


Canada Dry Gingerale, with lime, also known as "A little nasty."

Menu Plan Monday: April 3

I used to do my menu planning in a coil notebook - two pages usually equaled a month and a notebook would last me quite awhile. I would write the month at the top and the days of the week along the side, both in pen, then use a pencil for the plan. There was enough room in the margin that I could jot down a note of where to find a recipe if I was doing something out of a book. It really worked well for me, for several years.

I stopped doing that when I started blogging my menu plan.

And I've lately discovered I miss it.

But do you think I know where my last menu plan book is? No, I don't. Do you?

Think I will start a new notebook.

But for now, here is a menu plan (which I will put into a notebook as soon as I find one.)

Sunday: Bbq pork chops with mashed potatoes

Monday: Rotisserie roast beef (marinated in garlic and red wine) with potatoes and veggies

Tuesday: Chicken quesadillas with salsa and sour cream

Wednesday: Homemade pasta with sausage meat sauce

Thursday: Left overs or panini sandwiches with fruit

Friday: Out of town, visiting my nephew, so no plans for tonight

And that's the plan for the week. Remember, its written in "pencil."

I'm submitting this to Menu Plan Monday, which I forgot to do last week.