Menu Plan Monday: Sometimes I can't come up with a catchy title

I've noticed lately that my menu plan seems to fall apart around Wednesday. Have you noticed that as well? Sure, there are usually good reasons: I was called into work so ran out of time, we had an extra music lesson, I wasn't feeling well. Always something reasonable, but still, this menu plan falling apart on Thursdays is getting expensive, since I usually choose to pick something up instead of cooking.

To be fair, though, last week I didn't make what I'd planned for Thursday, but I replaced it with something I had everything for: toasted bagel sandwiches, which included scrambled eggs, cheese and slices of tomato. Yummy, but messy!

This week I'm going to try and outwit Thursday but making dinner for it on Wednesday. And if that doesn't work, then the next week my husband gets to cook dinner on Thursday, but likely for only a few more weeks as my preschool job is about to end for the summer and so is music lessons for the kids.

On to this week!

Sunday: Left over Ethiopian. Dodo Wot, combined in one pot with Yeti Wot (go see my Ethiopian post to see what those are), is very tasty served over rice and with Lebanese pitas instead of Injera.

Monday: BBQ chicken with coleslaw.

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin in gingerale sauce with candied carrots. And maybe mashed potatoes. If I pick up potatoes that day.

Wednesday: Egg rolls and fried rice.

Thursday: Spaghetti and meatballs. With garlic bread.

Friday: Left overs. And if there are none, my Hubby has offered to cook this night since I took over his usual Saturday night last week.

Saturday: Whatever the Hubby wants to cook or buy for the rest of us.

Monday morning I will be over at Menu Plan Monday, where I've sometimes gotten some good dinner ideas, but am just as likely to find really good breakfast ideas!


Aisling said...

I've never tried pork with ginger ale before. I was planning on doing a pork joint in cola and bbq sauce in the crockpot later in the week. I might use ginger ale instead of the cola, hmmm?

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your plan in such a fun way. :)