Opening Day: Carp Farmer's Market

If you live anywhere in the Ottawa Valley, right now you can see it is pouring rain outside. Again. A few minutes ago the sun showed its face, but the rain didn't stop.

Fortunately it wasn't raining, though the sun was not shinning, at the opening of the Carp Farmer's Market this morning. It was opening day and the clouds over head did not stop people from flocking to the market, fabric bags in hand, ready to see what the local vendors had out for them.

I brought along my fabric bags, my camera, and my side kick, who brought along his own camera to take pictures with.

After a walk around the market, to see what was available and chat with a few people, we went back and started shopping.

I bought some beautiful asparagus from Acorn Creek Garden Farm, so much nicer than the asparagus I found at the grocery store earlier in the week.

While the rhubarb was lovely, we left it there.

The flavored salts from The Salty Don appealed to me, with such flavors as Hellenic Smoke (smoked salt, pepper and onion with oregano, parsley, nutmeg and cinnamon,) and Saffron Pepper (black pepper, dried onion and garlic, lemon peel and saffron). I left with three different types; Fennel Salt, the Tuscan Smoke and some Smoked Pepper. Need to make sure I plan something for dinner this week using the Fennel salt. Yum!

Good garlic has been hard to find, and when I do find decent garlic, it has been from Puerto Rico. Thanks, but I'll take this local garlic, harvested last fall, instead. And at 3 heads for $2, a pretty good price too.

I also bought some lovely Flower Station Cheese, a semi-firm cheese made similar to Feta, from a local cheesemaker, Back Forty Artisan Cheese. It only took a small taste of this lovely cheese to make me decide to bring it home. It will be amazing in my lunch this week.

I had a great conversation with Tom of Country Cuisine, maker of "Organic, Delicious and Nutritious Food Mixes." As he told me, he makes everything in small batches to help keep his wife in shoes and earrings. Plus they are tasty too.

Now I do make most things homemade, but sometimes it is nice to have a mix on hand for those times when you are either short on time or not feeling well. And they'd be a great addition to the provisions if going camping.

Since I'm feeling fine, and dont't plan to go camping any time soon, I'll have to come up with a last minute reason to make the Garlic Lover's Drop Biscuit mix that I brought home.

Other than the concession stands, the longest line ups I saw were at The Girl With the Most Cakes, where these stunning little cakes were available in 4 flavors for $12 each. A steal if you ask me. The details on these little beauties were amazing, with everything made from buttercream. There are going to be some very lucky, and happy, mother's tomorrow, receipients of one of these.

To round out my trip to the market, I also came home with some beef bones from Dobson's All Natural Grass-Fed Beef. I have big plans for these bones. Big plans.

The Carp Farmer's Market runs every Saturday from 8am to 1pm, rain or shine, from May through October. Parking is free, admission is free, and there is lots to see.


Megan said...

This is what I get for living in the desert. I can only live vicariously through your adventures in Farmer's Markets. It looks like a lot of fun and a nice way to spend the afternoon.

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