Menu Plan Monday: My bbq is back to work

Ah I wish it were the weekend again. This one seemed to go by too fast, even though I managed to do alot and get many things done. The sun shone most of the time, it was warm, and I like sun and warmth. On a beautiful weekend like we just had, don't you wish that weekends were longer than 2 days? Not just sometimes, but all the time.

Oh well, at least today I have no where I have to go, no errands to run, and the only scheduled even for the day is meeting the children as they get off the school bus. I have the day to myself, which is good, because I have alot planned in the kitchen!

Sunday: BBQ'd pork chops with bbq'd cauliflower and snow peas. With some left over watermelon as well.

Monday: Spaghetti. (Yes, I know I said bbq'ing for my theme, but we are having spaghetti. I haven't made it in awhile, much to the disappointment of all my boys, big and little, and we are for sure having it because I made the sauce on Sunday and it is ready to go!)

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas with spanish rice and refried beans. Happy Cinqo the Mayo! (I plan to roast the chicken on Monday and assemble the enchiladas as I won't be home until well after 7 on Tuesday evening and want dinner ready to go.)

Wednesday: Salt and pepper shrimp with seasame noodles.

Thursday: Ginger and soy grilled chicken with asparagus.

Friday: Daring Cook's challange. (No I'm not going to tell you what it is!)

And that's my attempt at a menu plan this week. How about you? Are you menu planning yet? If you are thinking of starting, head over to Menu Plan Monday and add your plan in. Or for ideas.

On a totally unrelated subject....

I recently installed a clothes line at my new home, something I did not have room for before we moved here. With the beautiful weather, and the very strong breezes we've had, I have managed to get alot of laundry done and up on the line. This weekend I took advantage of my children's absence to try and help reduce some of the allergens in our house by washing all the children's blankets (of which they each keep at least 4 on their beds, or floors. Mostly floors.) That done, I followed up on washing and hanging yet another set of items from their bedrooms that trap and hold alot of dust:

It's enough animals to start my own zoo!

Amazingly enough, there were 2 more later on down the line, with some clothes, and a few that didn't make it to the wash to begin with. I know I was missing at least one bird and a dog.

It just looked so funny up there, I had to share it.

Have a good Monday!


Megan said...

Ha ha - I love the picture with the animals on the clothes line.

I have taken a cue from you and tried to plan out dinners all this week - I'm on Operation Freezer Empty Out. So far, so good!

Amanda said...

I found your site via the Menu Plan Monday site awhile back and have been following your blog. I love the sound of the Shrimp and Sesame noodles. And I also love the photo of the stuffed animals hanging on the clothes line. Great idea!!

Mom said...

There's piglet hanging by the ears. I'd have treated him with much more dignity then you did - poor fellow hanging out for everyone to see.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Awesome picture of all the stuffed criters. I hang my laundry on a clothes drying rack. However I bet I can turn it into an "animal rack" to help with the alergies in my house too.