Menu Plan Monday: October 23

There are times when I can't be bothered to do a menu plan, where I have the time and energy to throw caution to the wind and cook on the fly.

This is not one of those times.

Making a menu plan, however, is only part of the battle. If I don't plan ahead and get the necessary ingredients, then remember to prep them in advance (as in thaw out that whole chicken!), then I might as well have not made a plan at all.

I have high hopes for this week's plan. I made it in advance. I've shopped for it and I am going to remember to take things out and get things ready! There will be no take out this week!!

BBQ steak with baked potatoes and grilled veggies.
Chicken parmessan (which I keep planning to make but haven't actually made yet)
Green bean and beef stir fry with rice
Roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy
Hamburgers with salad and fries

That's the plan for the week, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

Menu Plan Monday: October 16

Right now it looks like I skipped a week of menu planning. In reality, I didn't. I just set the auto publish button to a very unrealistic time and date and did not notice that it hadn't published when I thought it would. (Transposing numbers does not work well when it comes to dates.)

It's October, which around here means busy, busy, busy. I'm back at Saunders Farm this Haunting Season, but in a slightly different role. This year I'm the baker, so in addition to making the gourmet apples and marshmallows, I'm also making lots of yummy pies and cookies to be sold in the bakeshop.

How do you like this gourmet apple?

I'll be making more of those this weekend, if you happen to be at the Farm and get a craving for one.

As tasty as those apples are, they aren't going to feed my family for the week, so here is the menu plan:

Taco night, hard and soft taco bar
Club sandwiches with chips and dip
Crockpot roast chicken with mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts and carrots
Turkey burgers with cranberry mayo and coleslaw
Chili and fixins'
Breakfast for dinner, eggs and toast and fruit smoothies

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CSA Week 12, 13 and 14

While we've ended receiving our CSA for the year, I still have several more weeks that I have yet to publish. I want a record of each week, though, so I thought I'd do a little catch up this week.

For week 12, we received:

Savoy Cabbage
Quart of Potatoes
hot pepper
red onions
head lettuce
delicata squash (I traded it for a second head of lettuce - we really like lettuce!)

This is week 13, in which we received:

hot peppers
lettuce mix
butternut squash
radishes (traded for - you guessed it! Lettuce!)

Notice the new table? Not actually new, but inherited from my grandparents. (And not so good for a background with my wood floors and bright walls from the looks of the lighting in this picture.)

Week 14, we received:

Red Cabbage
Carrots (some are white--they are not parsnips)
Radishes (Lettuce)
Small Squash
Hakurei Turnips
Salad Mix
Herb (I took oregano and hung it up to dry)

Looking at these pictures reminds me that I still have a squash or two that I could roast off and turn into soup on a nice cold day, which today is. While none of my boys, including my husband, like butternut squash soup, it freezes well so I think I will make a pot for myself and freeze it for lunches.

CSA Week Eleven

Well even though I am only now posting about week 11, of 16, we are quickly approaching the end of the season for our CSA. Only one week left!

I am going to be so sad when this is done. I've really enjoyed having the veggies every week.

1 big bag of cut lettuce
A head of Napa Cabbage
A pint of cherry tomatoes or a quart of large heirlooms - mine was a mix, see the beautiful Zebra? It was divinely tasty on my lunch one day.
Quart of Potatoes
Big Buncha Carrots
Buncha Beets
Radishes (traded for a head of lettuce)
hot pepper

Menu Plan Monday: October 2

Happy October!

The colors around here are absolutely gorgeous, even though the weather is cold and dreary.

I seriously dislike winter, so while I love fall and its cooler temperatures and beautiful scenery, I am dreading what comes next. That said, I understand that the forecast for this weekend calls for a humidity index of 30!!

Won't be so nice out early in the week, so we will be eating some warming meals.

I've decided not to assign days of the week to my menu plan. To give me a bit more flexibility.
Here is what we are eating:

pork tenderloin with creamy noodles and sauted cabbage
cheese tortellini with choice of tomato or alfredo sauce and garlic bread
sheppards pie
grilled cheese with soup
butter chicken with rice and naan bread
bacon, eggs and fruit

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