Menu Plan Monday: March 27

The weather is slooooooowly getting nicer. Which means we are getting closer to bbq season, now that I can get at my bbq through all the snow. While my week's entire plan does not involve bbq'ing every day, I did try and schedule a few things in.

Sunday: Homemade make your own pizza

Monday: Fried chicken legs with potato salad and coleslaw

Tuesday: Steak and cheese subs with green salad

Wednesday: Bacon, egg and bagel sandwiches

Thursday: S&S chicken with rice

Friday: Left over night

Saturday: Rotisserie chicken with corn on the cob

There you go, menu plan for the week.

Need sugar?

Try this.

It's a Toblerone-Topped Caramel Cheesecake, recipe from Kraft Canada.

I'd link the recipe, but I can't seem to navigate the Kraft website. It has changed a fair bit since I last browsed it and I'm not impressed. (Can someone please explain to me why you HAVE to have a Facebook account to do anything anymore?)

**Note** I finally found the recipe link on the website, but following it led to an error page, so still no recipe.

Menu Plan Monday: March 21

I know, it's been months since I've posted a menu plan. Actually, it's been months since I've fully written a menu plan.

But since I wrote one this week, I felt I might as well post it.

Sunday: Bbq'd honey lime pork tenderloin with scalloped potatoes

Monday: Homemade fish and chips with coleslaw

Tuesday: Pork citrus soy stir fry (from Rachel Ray's Look and Cook, which I will post if I remember to take pictures of dinner that night.)

Wednesday: Homemade hamburgers with salad and chips

Thursday: Hubby cooking - pennee with tomatoes, garlic and red pepper flakes

Friday: Choice - either homemade fried chicken drumsticks with veggies and dip, or bacon and eggs with homefries and toast. Will depend on how the schedule goes that day

I'm going to go post this on Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura of I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Birthday Cake for my "little guy"

Been quite awhile since I've blogged - no particular reason, no enthusiasm or desire to blog.

Still cooking and baking, though, and occasionally remembering to take pictures.

Last month my oldest child turned 12 and requested a 4 tiered cake of any flavor for his birthday. I was disinclined to make 4 tiers for a 12 year old, so he got 4 layers instead, alternating vanilla and chocolate with a white chocolate buttercream. His birthday gift from us had been a fish tank and some fish, so it seemed only appropriate to give him a fish themed cake (when his request for a fondant cake was "surprise me".)

One of my boys only likes to eat the fondant and icing, the other likes to eat the cake, but not the fondant, so between the two of them, they can eat a piece of cake. Fortunately we had family and friends to share this with.