That "chicken" thing

I ended up with alot of giggling people the day I posted about chicken for Tyler Florence Fridays, where I said the organic, free range chicken I'd made, using Tyler's Ultimate Roast Chicken recipe (and a full cup of butter!) tasted like chicken.

Well of course it tasted like chicken!

What I forgot to say was that it tasted like boring chicken.

A few people agreed with me - they liked chicken, enjoyed eating it, but for some reason, a roasted chicken was just not their thing. Not ours either it seems.

Despite that, I still tried again.

Twice, with two different recipes.

One of these chickens was a free range, organic, but I have no idea which as I forgot to mark the bags when I put them in the freezer.

First up is the top picture, a simple garlic roasted chicken, with a twist. Taking the advice of fellow Tyler Florence Friday blogger Michelle, over at Big Black Dog, I tried presalting a chicken, letting it sit in a bag in the fridge over night, with generous amounts of kosher salt on it. The next day I continued with her suggestion to mix some garlic and butter and rub them under the skin. The chicken sure looks pretty, and smelled good.

Did it taste any better? Well, I don't know really. Taking a bit of the chicken itself for a trial, it tasted okay. But then I shredded it up and used it to stuff chicken tortillas wraps, with salsa and sour cream and cheese and guacamole sharing space with the chicken. Wouldn't matter how good it tasted, next to all that, who was going to notice?

Then I used the rest of the chicken to make stock, which I bagged up and put in my freezer for later.

Now this chicken, despite the horrid picture, is much better than it looks. Much. It is what I served for a big family dinner, POM glazed roasted chicken (plus spoon corn bread, Ina's cheese biscuits, chive mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.)

The glaze on this chicken was so flavorful, it added so much to the chicken, that I will make it again. Only I will skip doing an entire bird, which takes too long, and will do individual bone-in pieces. Yum, yum, yum.

Chicken anyone?


Anonymous said...

That chicken was just bulk then... you could probably have used tofu and not noticed the difference (other than the horrible texture).

Roast chickens are for roast dinners, with roast potatoes and roast parsnips and stuffing and cranberry sauce and all other good things.

BC said...

I have sauce for your chicken. Want some?

But then it will taste like saucy...

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Roast chicken works for us. Lucky we don't have to eat what we don't like ;o)

Megan said... was the corn spoon bread?

You know, seriously, chicken is just chicken no matter how you cook it. Unless, of course, it's fried.

That's a different story altogether!