Menu Plan Monday: Some Farmer's Market Finds

Another pretty good week for the menu plan. I didn't end up making the Daring Cooks' challenge on Friday, but everything else went well.

(Actually, I started the challenge, I just didn't finish it.)

I also changed Tuesday's enchiladas to simple wraps, being unable to find the ingredients I needed for the recipe I wanted to try. No one complained, everyone was happy.

This week some of my choices are coming about from items I picked up at the two farmer's markets I was went to. You can see all about my trip to the Carp Farmer's Market here, but I didn't blog about my trip to the Ottawa Farmer's Market as it was cold, cold, cold and I didn't take many pictures. Though I did buy a few things.

Sunday: Daring Cook's Challenge recipe, plus Lamb burgers. (I bought the burgers, the buns, some artisan cheese and some fresh arugula all from the markets and used them for the burgers.) (And for those in the "know", no, these two don't exactly go together, but they were eaten that way anyways.)

Monday: Chili with cheddar jalapeno bread, which I bought from this local baker.

Tuesday: Pho soup. Part of my previously alluded to plans about what I wanted to do with my beef bones.

Wednesday: Chicken cutlets with creamy Parmesan dressing and roasted asparagus.

Thursday: Pork tenderloin with chimichurris sauce and crispy and creamy new potatoes (I bought some very cool potatoes, two types, from McGregor's Produce at the Ottawa Farmer's Market.)

Friday: Left overs. Or pancakes, if we don't have many left overs.

Saturday: We are going to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary, so I'm not planning dinner as it is a family pot luck. Check back later to see what I bring.

Here is another find from the farmer's market, locally made wooden tools. While I didn't buy one of these spoons for myself (yet), I did buy a set of toaster tongs for my husband, who has mentioned we needed a new set since my Pampered Chef one broke quite a long time ago. Personally, I have near burn resistant finger tips, so I've been fine, and my youngest has been using his plastic chopsticks when he's had problems.

In the meantime, if my menu plan for the week doesn't inspire you, go see the list of hundreds of other menu planners and see if any of them inspire you. You can find them at Menu Plan Monday by I'm an Organizing Junkie. Tell'em I said, "Hi!"

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Megan said...

So.....what time should I show up for dinner?

Your week looks much better than mine!