Menu Plan Monday: Short week for us

We have a busy week coming up, which includes my finally getting to start going to Taekwon-Do classes, a tournament and a triathlon. So evenings are going to be very busy, and carb loading will probably happen somewhere this week.

Sunday: "Let's pretend it is nice out!" and serve spareribs with corn on the cobb and watermelon. Course it wasn't nice outside, it rained, then stopped, then rained, then stopped, then rained..... I'm sure you get the picture. But it was nice to fake it for awhile.

Monday: Roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots and asparagus. Probably slow cooker style.

Tuesday: Honestly, I don't know yet. If I get called into work in the afternoon, chances are it will be take out pizza. If not, I likely will throw together a quick pasta.

Wednesday: Fish and chips.

Thursday: Homemade chicken fingers with veggies and dip.

Friday: The kids and I are all going to be away, so hubby gets to fend for himself, sorta. He's carb loading, so he will likely make use of the spaghetti sauce I have left him in the freezer and eat a tonne of pasta.

My menu for this week is not overwhelmingly inspiring. It is probably the rain doing it. I like some rain, but this constant dreary rain is getting ridiculous. And makes it hard to put clothes out on the clothesline too!

For better menu plan inspiration, go see Menu Plan Monday and look up a few dozen other planners. I think I might do the same, see what I can find that is new and inspires me. And if you are a regular reader here, let me know what you did for your menu plan this week. I know of two people who decided to try menu planning recently and I'm curious to know how they are doing.


Aisling said...

I really fancy some fish and chips, but trying to eat healthier and lose weight at the moment. Maybe I can plan it into next week.

Megan said...

Your week looks a lot like mine - except I'm not running a triathlon or starting tae kwon do - just insane end of the year stuff!