More baking on a hot day

What is it that makes a normally sane person decide to bake bread on a very hot day? It certainly wasn't necessity. I have a perfectly nice local grocer with an in-store bakery, less than 2 minutes walking up the street from me.

This foray into bread baking resulted in Honey Oatmeal Bread, another recipe from my KitchenAid Stand Mixer instruction and recipe book.

The bread, which did not want to rise to double its bulk during its resting periods, resulted in two high, golden loaves. The bread was dense and rich, but not sweet as I had expected it to be, despite the 1/2 cup of honey included. While good with just a smearing of regular butter, it was best when slathered with sweet honey butter (really just a combination of butter and honey mixed together to taste.)

Consensus from eaters is this bread is a keeper, though I will no doubt continue on my little journey of breadmaking, mostly because I can.

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Magy_837 said...

Bambam said "Mmmmmmm!" So did his mum.