Where's the Beef?!?!

Another scorcher of a day, high humidity, no wind, and no cooling effects from the brief downpour of rain earlier in the day. Thank goodness I own a kickin' bbq that I can do lots with!

Today though, the focus of my bbq was meat. Lots and lots of meat. Finger lickin' meat actually.

Succulent pork ribs, seasoned lightly with salt and pepper, then generously sprinkled with Club House Montreal Chicken spice. The spice mixture provided a lovely salty, tang to the rib meat. They caramalized to a beautiful golden color, showing off the wonderful charr marks that you can only really get from a nice hot grill.

In addition to the ribs, I bbq'd up a big batch of chicken wings, again lightly seasoned with kosher salt and pepper. Cooking the wings up in this simple manner first allowed me to ensure they were cooked through, before I took them off the grill and tossed them into a bowl with a large amount of brown sugar bbq sauce. Not my own, sorry, but Kraft. (I suppose I could make my own but I use bbq sauce so infrequently that it doesn't really seem worth it.) Putting them back on the grill briefly, the chicken sucked up some of the sauce and each wing ended up a sweet, gooey taste experience.

I finished off the meal with a caesar salad, not the grilled kind though.

We had a few extra people over for dinner that night, so it wasn't just the four of us finger lickin' up all this bbq goodness. Even with six of us eating, and one of those six loading up on calories for a race the next day, there was still a very generous helping of wings left over.

No dessert included tonight. The adults didn't miss it and the children enjoyed fruit popsicles while running through the sprinkler, cooling off from a very hot summer day.

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