Blogger Postcards from the World

Meeta over at What's for lunch honey is the hostess/organizer of the first ever Blogger Postcards from Around the World event!

Not as complicated as it sounds, at least for those of us just sending postcards. Poor Meeta however had to randomly pick names and send out emails to 64 people!

I read about this form another blog, and thought it sounded like fun, so I am blogger number 13, getting my postcard ready for it's recepient.

I learned something doing this.

It is very hard to find a postcard in Ottawa outside of the downtown area! If you aren't in a tourist section, good luck finding a postcard! And finding a postcard that doesn't contain the usual Parliment Hill/Chateau Laurier is just as hard! As I live way out in the subburbs of Ottawa, there aren't any tourist facilities around here.

I was eventually able to find a postcard in a Hallmark store in Kanata. Not any closer to downtown than I am, but it is where I was when I spotted the rack.

This is the postcard I eventually settled on, showing the flower vendors of the Ottawa Byward Market. The Byward market has been a part of Ottawa since at least 1901, where residents of the area used to write letters to the editor complaining about the cost of the stall rentals, lack of garbage pick up and the hard work that went into being up and at the market by dawn with their fresh produce from area farms. These days it has a permanent covered section that houses little lunch restaurants, a few funky boutiques, and other food related stalls, including a tea shop, a fresh bagel shop and a place to get mountains of chocolate. The fresh vendors are located in stalls outside this permenant fixture and line the sidewalk in front of deli's, cheesemongers and one of my favorite's, Lapointe's Fish Market.

I wonder where in the world my postcard will come from?

Now I'm off to find a stamp so I can mail my postcard!

PS For anyone who was interested in doing this, Meeta may do another in September. I'll post about it here when she announces it!


Anonymous said...

I like your post card.
Yes, I've been on pins and needles wondering where my postcard will come from.
Lapointe's Fish Market sounds like a neat place.
Your bread above looks beautiful.

K and S said...


Sally said...

Oh, my. You are a prolific writer! Everything looks so good. I, too, am participating in Meeta's BPW and am excited to see where mine come from. You are a very good writer. Keep up the good work.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

That is adorable! Look at all those lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post and great postcard! Great to meet a fellow Canadian blogger!