Trying something a bit different

I'm still fairly new to this blog thing, so my readership is mostly friends and family whom I have remembered to tell about my blog. Having a fairly extensive list of food blogs that I read myself, however, has given me a desire to have a broader readership. I may never get the hits that some of my fellow blogers do, but I can try.

To move closer to that accomplishment, I invited a bunch of online friends to view and review my blog. I wasn't disappointed in their comments, though no one chose to comment here specifically. Oh well. I especially liked the comment about my food preparation being the reason my husband had to take up marathon running.

So for the guys reading, my prediction about what I planned to make for dinner did come true. Mostly. Just a small variation.

I don't know where exactly I saw it. Somewhere on the FoodNetwork most likely. A grilled caesar salad. It looked interesting. Something a bit different from the ordinary. That's probably why it appealed to me.

I need to be braver though. Since I didn't actually look up temperature and time for grilling the halved romaine hearts, I had to guesstimate. I think I needed to have that side of the grill hotter, and to have left them on longer. I got some grill marks, but not as many as I would have liked. I was nervous about leaving the greens on the grill too long, and since I had some steaks grilling on the other side, the inside temperature of the bbq was hot.

In the end the salad came out reasonable. I topped it with a home made caesar dressing that I had prepared a few days ago using a base mixture from Epicure Selections. The dressing was nice and garlicky (though I'm not sure I want to try this salad mix again - when I bought a salad mix, I did not expect to have to add in the same ingredients I would have to add in if I had made it from scratch. It is supposed to be simpler, not about the same!)

And because I am still having fun playing with my new microplane grater, I topped off the salad with a generous shaving of parmesan cheese.

Accompanying the salad was a grilled hip steak, well seasoned using the Epicure Selections Beef and Steak Rub. Again, not sure if I was happy with this, but I'll obviously try it again as I have a full shaker of it to use. My steak was grilled to medium rare and for my liking, was perfectly grilled. I'm still learning how to properly gauge how I have cooked a steak and tend to err on the underdone side (which doesn't bother me, that's how I like my steak!)

Simply steamed green beans accompanied our meal.

I did not have the opportunity to make a dessert with this, so we happily finished off the lemon bundt cake I'd made earlier this week.

I didn't hear any complaints about dinner, but look forward to hearing the responses from my hopefully new found readership.


Anonymous said...

What's mainly in that rub? I just mix equal parts Lawry's season salt, onion powder, and garlic powder for mine. I toss in some red pepper for added kick if my mom isn't coming over.

Pic looks fantastic!

Jenny said...

The ingredients say garlic, onion, sp ices, black pepper and herbs. They aren't any more specific than that. Definitely some paprika in it.