Too hot to cook

Thursday nights are soccer nights for my oldest child. Usually means pasta night as well. Fast, easy and gives him the energy he'll need for practice and a game.

Last night was just too hot though. The idea of heating the house up more with boiling water was not a good one. So I scrounged up stuff for dinner for the children and they were happy and had the energy for soccer and play. I would make pasta when we returned so we parents could have dinner together while we enjoyed watching the Tour de France together. It would be cooler by 8pm. Surely it would be cooler.

It wasn't.

Neither of us was overly hungry. We were too hot to be hungry!

Checking the contents of my fridge to see what I have that is light and cool (and since I did not do my usual Thursday grocery shopping, the contents are very little.) Hmmm I have a tiny bit of orange juice. There is some yogurt left. Hey! When did I buy tofu? Oh wait, a friend left that here, all nice and sealed in the original packaging. Strawberries, I know I have lots of strawberries in the freezer.

Lightbulb suddenly flashes on above my head!

Smoothies! I haven't made smoothies for awhile.

Pulling out the blender, I quickly dumped everything in. A touch of milk for a bit more liquid. Oops, out of milk now too! I really must go shopping tomorrow.

Mmmmmm nice and cool! Just what we needed.

A little unconventional I suppose, but if you are going to drink your dinner, isn't this a nice way to do it?

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Jen said...

It's so weird you guys are baking up there while we are freezing down here. It must be boiling there, although these delicious looking smoothies should do the trick.