A little piece of heaven

It started with a lemon.

Or more specifically, a bit of lemon zest.

The zest was supposed to go into my muffins, blueberry muffins, the recipe for which I found here: Simply Recipes. Thank you Elise! (Today's post from Elise, Parmesan Chicken, looks so yummy, I am going to have to make it the next time it is a raining, non-bbq, day!)

I could not get any zest off any of the lemons I had on hand. No matter what I did! Stomps feet and grabs kids and keys!

I've driven past this store many times. It is right in front of the local bowling lane. Not that we go bowling often, but when we do, I always see it. And we almost always go at a time when it would be closed.

Hendrix was equal to the Glebe Emporium to me (sorry, no website for them that I've found.) Much smaller but with just as many things. I drolled over the rack of baking pans, shelves of ramekins, dishes and other odds and ends that a restaurant kitchen might need.

In the end, I left with what I came for (and with one other little item, but really, it was little! More about it after) and with a desire to come back without children and really take the time to look and explore.

A Microplane zester. I've been eyeing these for awhile now. It's been near the top of my "kitchen wish list" that I keep on the fridge (in case people need ideas), though I can now cross it off. For some reason I kept holding off buying one. I think it had to do with a handle. I didn't really want one. I wanted the straight zester that I'd seen Ina Garten use. And I could never find one anywhere. Thank you Hendrix!

As to that "little item" extra? A butter ruler. Just a small plastic card with measurements all around it for marking off and measuring a pound of butter. I've bought alot of butter lately and have not been able to find those oh so convenient packages that come in stick form, where every stick is 1/2 cup and is neatly marked with measurements for when you only need tablespoons. Since those packages of butter usually cost alot more than a regular pound, my ruler will have itself paid for in a matter of weeks!

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Elise said...

You'll love the microplane zester. Shredding Parmesan will never be the same. Lemons too.