Great minds think alike

I recently posted a response to The Canadian Baker about her Spicy Ginger Cookies, saying that great minds think alike. While I've frequently been inspired to bake something from her blog, this time we actually had the same idea at the same time!

My recipe came from the owner and chef of The Coveside B&B in Georgetown, Maine, Carolyn. She is a former pastry chef who now supplies wonderful breakfasts for her guests, and keeps a supply of fresh baked cookies available at all times. We haven't been there in about four years, having gone back to back years, but hope to get back there as soon as our children are old enough to be guests again. Or they move out and we can go without them.

I am not a fan of ginger cookies, but the first time I had these at Coveside I was blown away by how good they were. When we returned the next year, I was disappointed when they weren't in the cookie jar. But then the jar was suddenly empty and Carolyn was debating what to make. Remembering how good they were, I not only requested the cookies, I begged her for the recipe. I can't say where she got it from originally but the photo copy she gave me was ripped from a magazine.

Normally I reserve these cookies for Christmas time, when the effort of making them doesn't seem as much compared to the other things I have to do at the time. They are generally a bit of a pain to make as they involve 4 1/2 cups of flour and alot of stiring.

Stiring is what having a mixer is for! So out came the recipe, somewhere about the same time that The Canadian Baker was posting about her cookies, whose recipe is very similar to mine!

These cookies turn out soft, dense and with just enough ginger in them to provide good flavor, though not overwhelming. My ginger-disliking husband will happily eat these cookies any time of the year.

I think I need to invest in some nice big cookie jars, just like the ones on the guests counter at Coveside, so I too can keep fresh cookies available at all times.

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