A little experiment

I've been moaning my lack of certain kitchen equipment lately - primarily a stand mixer and an ice cream machine. The stand mixer I can work around, but there isn't much you can do without the ice cream machine. At least I thought.

One of the magazines I subscribe to is Canadian Living. I don't get it for the clothes or the make-up. I get it for the food. And this months food portion included a bunch of recipes for ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet.

And it included instructions for how to make these frozen delights without an ice cream maker!

Now, to be fair, I should have made one of the recipes from the magazine first for this little experiment. I didn't. I decided to try it using this instead: Banana Buttermilk ice cream, a recipe I found on another food blog, Bakingsheet.

If you follow back the links, you will see that my ice cream looks nothing like the original ice cream. That one was creamy and milky looking, almost frothy. Mine shows hues of banana in its coloring, as well as crystals of ice. Though I did find if you let the ice cream melt a bit, then mixed the melt back in, the ice cream became creamier, milkier in texture.

The flavor was a mixture of the sweetness of the banana and the tang of the buttermilk. Not too sweet, or too tangy, but a near perfect balance of the two.

I would like to try this recipe again, using an ice cream machine, but in the end I think I was reasonably satisfied with how it turned out.

Now I need to decide if I will try a recipe from the magazine, or try the Rice and Noodles blueberry ice cream first!

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