Menu Plan Monday: July 25

Sometimes the best menu plans aren't enough to keep you organized. Take, for example, yesterday.

My plan had been for a Southwest Chicken salad for dinner. I had the chicken, some veggies, the sauces, and was only missing the greens. Not a problem, I had to go into town anyways to pick up a prescription and some birthday cards. Kids and I could be there and back, have dinner, get packed up and then head off to Taekwon-Do class.

Except I miss-timed everything and we got back 10 minutes before we would need to leave, having not packed up, but even more importantly, having not had any dinner yet.

Since my oldest wouldn't be home until about 8:45pm, it was important that he eat before he go to class!

I tried to salvage this situation, when I realized I'd mistimed things, by ordering pizza while still in town, for pick up at home. Since our pizza place is a 1 1/2 minute drive from our house, this should save me some time, though not money.

Didn't work, we still got home 10 minutes before we'd need to leave.

So some of us didn't make it to class last night, and Southwest Chicken salad was moved to another day.

For now, here is my previously unpublished, but now revised, menu plan for Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Left overs.

Monday: Pizza (my oldest child is having a growth spurt again - he ate 4 pieces of a large pizza last night. That's HALF A LARGE PIZZA!!! Teenage-hood is approaching for him in the next few years and I am scared.)

Tuesday: Southwest Chicken Salad.

Wednesday: Hubby cooks - pasta with tomatoes, garlic and chili's.

Thursday: Pork ribs with lots of sauce.

Friday: Let's see what's in the fridge night.