Menu Plan Monday: July 11

Been hot enough for you?

Food rather went off the radar for us last week, with temperatures soaring and the humidity making things even worse. No one was interested in eating, all we wanted to do was try and stay cool. So last week's 'something shrimp' turned into 'scrounge for yourself' (I think I had a sandwich) and Friday night turned into nachos while watching a movie, picnic style.

The weather forecast looks slightly improved for this week: still hot, but not frying pan, inside a steamer, hot.

One quick note before I get on to my plan for the week - my blog feeder seems to be getting lots of little errors from people's blogs lately, so I have missed a bunch of posts from people. I'm catching up, slowly, but not necessarily getting a comment in.

On to the plan, this weeks submission to Menu Plan Monday (one of the blogs that I'm getting errors for, bummer.)

Sunday: Jambalaya, special treat for the hubby and I finally get some shrimp.

Monday: Slow cooker bbq beef ribs with corn on the cobb.

Tuesday: Sugar crusted pork loin, with grilled veggies.

Wednesday: Hubby's night to cook, spaghetti with meat sauce.

Thursday: Baked potato bar (probably with sandwiches for the children, who aren't that fond of baked potatoes). And when I say baked, I really mean cooked on the bbq, the best way to have a baked potatoe.

Friday: Left over night. If there is any. If not, we'll figure something out.

Notice a few recipes in this week's plan? That's because I have severely reduced my hours at work for the summer and have time to cook again!

I hope.

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Stacy said...

That sugar coated pork sounds delicious! Have you ever made it? I have a pork roast in the freezer that may just be sugar coated next week ;)