Menu Plan Monday: July 18

Happy Monday Morning.

I mean that literally - it is 1:15am right now, as I type. Monday morning. I'm just not sleeping.

Last week's menu plan went pretty well. I got to try a few new recipes, and no one went hungry. The baked potato bar I'd planned for Thursday was changed to chicken caesar salad wraps, after a busy, but fun, afternoon that was badly planned meal wise. As
in the kids and I did not eat lunch and had TKD class to go to, so we were starving and needing energy. The good side to this is that a roaster chicken can make alot of chicken wraps, and my boys love them.

Kids and I have a few things planned for this week, but we will try to be more careful about missing meals.

Sunday: Asian smorgasborg. Went with a friend to T&T Supermarket and picked up a bunch of things to just lay out on the table and eat. We had duck, s&s pork, ribs, noodles, dim sum. And a bunch of sushi in my fridge to have for lunch tomorrow.

Monday: Left overs. A lot of left overs in my fridge.

Tuesday: Chili with biscuits (or left over rosemary pull-apart bread
from Saturday, if there is any left.)

Wednesday: Bagels with egg and cheese.

Thursday: Chicken drumsticks, bbq'd.

Friday: No plan, see what happens.

And that is my "plan" for this week, for Menu Plan Monday.