Menu Plan Monday: Where have I been?

We are on vacation here, mostly, and have friends visiting us. Our household has more than doubled in size for a few days, but meals have not been chaotic. Want to know if menu planning works? Try it with 9 people to feed and it will prove itself to you!

I did have a menu plan for last week, written down on the fridge, but it was only 2-3 days in advance, so I didn't post it.

This week is something similar. With us being on vacation (and I say mostly because I do have to work 1 shift this week), we are trying to be a bit more relaxed about our schedules. We've looked at the clock and thought, "Hmmm should think about dinner," only to turn around and load the bikes into the car so we could go for a trail ride as a family. And some nights it has been so humid and icky that we've just thrown together sandwiches and fruit and veg'd out.

So here is a very loose menu plan for the week, my submission to Menu Plan Monday for the week (assuming Laura at I'm an Org Junkie isn't having the same type of laid back week.)

Saturday: Make your own pizza, the bbq'd version.

Sunday: Grilled steaks, bbq roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and corn on the cobb.

Monday: Leaving this open, our last dinner with our friends, and we may just do take out or eat out. Or have Kraft dinner. Who knows?

Tuesday: Left overs.

Wednesday: Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and chili. I'm working that day so Hubby is in charge of dinner.

Thursday: Shrimp on the bbq. Not sure how, or with what, but shrimp sounds good.

Friday: No idea at all. Figure it out closer to the date.

Belated Happy Canada Day to everyone, or 4th of July if you are from that area. We've done mini celebrations of both here (our friends being from the US).

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