More bread

Back to basics again, this time making whole wheat bread with my mixer. Again this was easy to pull together, though this bread involved the extra step of blooming the yeast with a bit of brown sugar and water before adding it to the flour, sugar and powdered milk.

Though I must remember to add the salt to the flour next time, instead of remembering after I had already added the liquid in.

I can't give a review on this bread as I haven't eaten any yet. I was going out for dinner with the girls last night and did not wish to spoil my appetite, so instead of cutting into the warm loaf and enjoying my first piece with melted butter slathered all over it, I waited and have to rely on the feed back of others.

So far the feedback has been:

It's bread.

MMmmmmmmm. I can't remember what it reminds me of. (Spoken around the bread in her mouth, while on her second piece.

No consensus in the household as to which bread I should make on a regular basis, though both children chose the honey oatmeal bread with their dinner last night instead of this new loaf. Guess I'll have to find some more recipes and keep trying until I find the perfect bread for all of us.

I think I'll need more yeast though - I used my last two packages with this bread. Off to the store I go!

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