I need to go shopping again

This time for bread pans that aren't the disposable kind.

Those pans worked just fine for me when I was only making the occassional banana bread recipe. They cleaned up faster and better than my stoneware pan and were the perfect size to make two loaves out of one recipe.

You see, I had these bananas. Just two of them, not the four I would need for my regular banana bread recipe. They were spotted and quickly turning brown, just perfect for bread, not so good for straight eating. I found a recipe that looked good and only took two bananas. It called for mini loaf pans but included cooking time for a regular bread pan. The kind I didn't have.

What, oh what, is a girl to do when the bananas are calling to be made into moist, delicious bread, when there is no bread pan to be found?

This girl made a cake instead.

A bundt cake.

Or more specifically, a banana blueberry bundt cake.

(Admit it, you expected me to make muffins.)

This cake took longer to gather ingredients than it did to mix it up, it was that easy to do. And while it used the creaming method, instead of creaming butter or shortening with the sugar, it used vegetable oil. No fancy spices or nuts called for in this "cake", just the natural goodness of bananas and blueberries.

It baked up light, moist and delicious. The flavors of the fruits married well with each other, neither being overwhelming. While it was good warm, it was even better the next morning for breakfast, and would go wonderfully with a soothing tea.

Bad news though. I can't figure out where I put the recipe. It came from a cookbook (which is currently buried under a bunch of other ones), however it was part of a section that had fallen out of the spin, which sometimes happens when you only ever open a book to one specific page (for a variation of banana bread, apple sauce bread.) When I find the recipe again, which hopefully will be soon, I'll post it here. And if I can find the rest of the book, I'll post the title of it too. I've been making alot more than my usual one recipe from the book, so it can't be far.

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