It is all my son's fault!

I didn't do much baking this week, but what I did was prompted by my three year old's request that I finally use his cookie cutter.

A few months back I had taken him with me to one of my favorite kitchen stores and told him he could pick a cookie cutter, expecting him to pick either the car or the truck one. You have to understand, this child is vehicle crazy. He loves his cars and trucks. It was completely natural to expect him to pick one of those. But no, he decides to go another way all together.

He chose the dog bone. My son, who is afraid dogs bigger than poddles might eat him, chose a cookie cutter shapped like a dog bone.

He was quite proud to leave the store, paper bag in hand, holding his cookie cutter. And one for his brother, shapped like a maple leaf.

So this week I baked sugar cookies, at first making equal amounts of dog bones, maple leafs, and hearts. Later, with the last 1/3rd of the dough, I just made dog bones. The kids seemed to like them so much!

As a result of this silly little cutter, I've decided to start collecting a few more cookie cutters, all of them silly and fun and inspired to make the kids laugh when they eat their cookies.

Afterall, if you are going to make rolled cookies, shouldn't they be fun too?

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