Enjoying lunch out by myself

While enjoying my afternoon at the farmers market yesterday, I took the opportunity to treat myself to lunch out. Lunch that didn't involve french fries, lots of ketchup, and toys. A grown up meal with lots of, but unusual flavors.

The Mexican food at Calendario Azteca called to me. It said, "If you like us, you may want to make us at home! But you need to come try us first!"

The menu to this little restaurant is not huge, but includes Mexican staples such as tacos on it. Though not Taco Bell style tacos that most people are familiar with. Despite it's size, I could not decide what I wanted! So I asked for a recommendation from my waitress and ended up chosing Mole Rojo enchilladas.

It wasn't the most appetizing plate, with the dark beans and the mole sauce, made from roasted peppers, roasted nuts, spices and chocolate, but it sure was tasty. The side dish of rice had a nice little bite to it, and matched up well with the fried beans.

It is amazing how relaxing a lunch can be when you are on your own, your food is hot, and you are free to enjoy your magazine (a food one of course!) The only thing that would have made it better would have been lunch with my husband, while we were both reading our own magazines.

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