Keeping the family happy

I'm having alot of fun lately with my new mixer, trying different things, making things I might never have made before, such as bread and pie dough. (Actually I have bread dough in it's first rising right now.)

My family is certainly not suffering from this bout of experimental cooking that I am doing. Though waistlines may be!

This time round I decided to try a cookie recipe that I'd seen on Bakingsheet, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. An easy to make recipe, using the creaming method, that would produce a large amount of chewy cookies. The best and only way to eat oatmeal cookies.

I had long been planning on making a cookie using white chocolate chips and dried cranberries, but hadn't found the recipe I wanted to try them in. I admit I didn't look too hard to find an actual white chocolate, cranberry cookie. I knew I read enough blogs and recipes that sooner or later one would show up. This recipe seemed to be the right one. It already had chocolate chips, so I knew the white chocolate chips would be a reasonable substitute, and raisins and cranberries are interchangeable any time.

Time to bake!

This recipe makes a good amount of cookies, 4 dozen or so. Which is a good thing as it contains a full cup of butter, and a full cup of each white and brown sugar. Yes there is 2 1/2 cups of oatmeal in it, and dried cranberries are a healthy addition, but they aren't exactly a health food cookie.

The cookies baked up flattish, spreading out wide on the parchment paper to a golden color. I pulled them out of the oven while they were still a bit soft in the center, resulting in a soft, chewy cookie rather than a crisp on. I prefer crispness in my crackers, not in my cookies.

Sadly I doubt I will be able to test the shelf life of these cookies as they were a huge hit with my family and won't last long.

I've already made a few notes on my printed copy of the recipe, including: KEEPER! This one will be going into the cookie section of my blue book and I'm sure I will make it again and again for my happy to be experimented on family.

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