Eating a rainbow

More balance, ying-yang, going on in my kitchen.

Again a healthy dinner balanced out the unhealthy snack I had made earlier in those chocolatey cookies. This time it was a stir fry full of colors.

This simple stir fry consisted of julienned baby carrots, broccoli florettes, strips of yellow and red peppers, snow peas, red onions and minced garlic. Isn't it a pretty pan of colors?

I added in some hoisin sauce and tossed the veggies with soba noodles. All it was missing was a sprinkling of seasame seeds, which I didn't happen to have. Oh well. The vegetables all still had a bit of crispness to them, while the noodles were soft and soaked up the hoisin sauce.

Hope everyone else had as colorful a dinner as we did.

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