Being neighbourly - Tripple chocolate chip cookies

That is my excuse and I am sticking with it!

We've had a few new neighbours move in the last week or so, one directly next to us, one a few doors down. Big changes for us. We really liked our neighbours, and since we live in a townhome, that is essential, especially since they have access to our yard to get to theirs, and we share a drive way.

I decided to welcome these two sets of neighbours with some baked goods, specicifically more cookies.

Okay really I had 1/2 a pound of butter at room temperature on the counter, needed to do something with it and just needed a good excuse to make more cookies.

(Have I mentioned I'm really, really having alot of fun with my new mixer?)

Pulling out my trusty little blue book of hoarded recipes, partially to put away all the new print outs, I came accross one of the first cookie recipes I had ever made and copied out. It was called chocolate chippers and I think I wrote it out from a Company's Coming cookbook when I was in high school. Seemed like a good recipe to make, old fashion chocolate chip cookies. With a small change or two, that is.

My hand written recipe had one note on it already, cutting the chocolate chips down from 2 cups to 1 1/2 cups. I seem to recall that 2 cups was just way too much - so much that you couldn't really taste the cookie part of it.

My new small change involved what type of chips to put in. Hence the new cookie name, tripple chocolate chip cookies. And I admit, that came about partially because I had three open bags of different types of chips in my baking cupboard and didn't feel like going to my basement pantry to get the full bag I had there. And I also didn't find the fourth kind of chips until after I had already started, otherwise I might have gone with four kinds. (Insert evil grin here.)

Oh and for those interested, the mixture of chocolate was semi-sweet, milk and white. And the fourth kind was butterscotch.

My poor husband, leaves work with one kind of cookie in his lunch, comes home to another. What is a poor marathoner to do? (Have another cookie of course, what else did you expect?)

Cookies were good, not too chocolatey despite the tripple. And they made good ice cream sandwiches too.

My new neighbours were both quite pleased when I presented them each with a plate of mixed cookies.

Incidentally, one of my other neighbours could smell my cookie baking and has happily given me leave to bake for her any time I want. I wonder how far out into the neighbourhood the smell of those cookies travelled?

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