Menu Plan Monday: Is it summer yet?

Last week was a complete bust for me. The nasty cold/flu I had before New Years just would not go away and I ended up missing more work, being home sick. Even now, days later, I'm still coughing and feeling it in my chest. I am so ready for the cold weather to be over, taking with it all the winter weather illnesses that go with it.

Last week was our first week trying menu planning with my husband cooking during the week. We learned a few things from it: he isn't that comfortable in the kitchen anymore, and he has said he can't think of meal preparation and planning in advance. This wasn't an issue when he was only responsible for one meal a week and that meal was on Saturday, but since he is now making meals during the week, right after work, some planning and preparation is necessary.

We've reached a compromise on it for now - I will continue to plan the meals and get what's needed for him, so the planning part is done, and until he is more comfortable in the kitchen, I will also provide him with instructions. Yes, this does still involve work on my part, but alot less, and it will still keep both our stress levels down.

Let's see how things go this week!

Sunday: Pork roast with apple and fennel salad, green and yellow beans.

Monday: MYO pizza. I've bought premade crusts and toppings, they will make their own pizza to taste.

Tuesday: Penne with tomatoes, garlic and chili.

Wednesday: Lemon and garlic marinaded chicken breast with leeks and broccoli.

Thursday: Grilled cheese and soup.

Turkey stuffing burgers. Recipe to come later.

As usual, things are subject to change based on circumstances, including the whether: whether or not I feel like making and/or eating that particular item that day....

Do you have you own menu plan for Menu Plan Monday?


Megan said...

I swear, I sat down Sunday to try and plan for the week.......

and I couldn't do it. I'm so ashamed..

Colie's Kitchen said...

Thank you for sharing your Menu Plan! I am always looking for new ideas to feed my family.