Conversations from my kitchen

Me: "You didn't eat all your Asian Pear for lunch today, how come?"

7 year old: "Well I couldn't eat my Asian Pear because it was Jicama, not Asian Pear."

Me: "No, I cut it, it's Asian Pear. The Jicama is still in the cupboard, see?"

Him: "Oh.... Asian Pear, I love Asian Pear!"..... as he inhales his pear.

Later on...

Him: "Mom, you know, you and I really like Asian foods. That's good. No one else in our family likes Asian foods as much as we do."

Think I'm raising a little Foodie?


Megan said...

How funny - he is quite the connoisseur.

Karen Baking Soda said...

Love those snippets of wisdom!
For a while I succeeded in feeding my apple-loving pear-hating middle a new variety of pear: apple-pear. He liked it. Until his brother spoiled it. He's back to pear-hating now.