Foodie Fans of the Pioneer Woman: Veggies a cowboy eat

In this round of Foodie Fans of the Pioneer Woman, Muneeba and Debbie chose the very general theme of salads and vegetables.

Did you know cowboys ate veggies other than corn on the cobb from the bbq? And salads? Do cowboys really eat salads?

It's been awhile since I lived in Alberta and spent alot of time on a farm, with horses, cows, chickens and turkeys. And, yes, cowboys and cowgirls.

I was neither a cowboy or a cowgirl back then, though I was a tomboy, and from what I recall, those cowfolks ate just about everything, including salad.

Despite knowing this, I went vegetable and made PW's Pico de Gallo, along with her Guacamole, found on paes 16 -17, and pages 20-21.

Ree does a fine job of detailing this very simple recipes, so I'll follow her cues:

About equal amounts of tomato, onion and cilantro.

Enough jalapeno for flavor for the hubby and I, not so much that the kids run from the room screaming in pain.

Just imagine I took a picture of my seasoning this bowl with salt and squeezing lime juice on it. Then testing it with a tortilla chip, a black corn one. Tasty!

Ignore the funky shape of my corn tortillas - I don't own a tortilla press and this was the best I could do with my rolling pin and my 7 year old helping me.

My pico de gallo, along with the guacamole, made with the pico de gallo, sat on top of a rib eye steak I had seasoned with cumin and chili powder, before grilling to medium rare, thinly slicing and mounding on top of a Monterey Jack laced tortilla. Yummy!

Poor hubby, though. He had to work late, and homemade corn tortillas do not sit well, so they weren't so yummy by the time he got home. Fortunately I had some flour tortillas in the freezer, so he got yummy for his lunch the next day, except for the guacamole.

I ate it with tortilla chips for my lunch instead.


Foodiewife said...

I am so impressed that you made your own corn tortillas. Wow! I love pico de gallo,and guacamole, too. Heck, that's why I love P-Dub....she cooks what I love.

Megan said...

Oh my - homemade tortillas? Very impressive.

Kim said...

I'm also impressed that you made your own corn tortillas. I bet they tasted great. I bet that homemade pico de gallo and guacamole were excellent with your steak. It looks great :D

Sorry to hear no one at your house likes beans. Imagine if you made them and ate them all yourself;D

norapinephrine said...

In contrast with the other posters, I am not impressed that you made your own tortillas. It just confirms what I always suspected : you're CRAZY!!! I would never make them.. what were you thinking ??