Menu Plan Monday: "Oh the weather outside is frightful....."

Do you think I'm doing a little wishful thinking with my choice of badge for this week's Menu Plan Monday? Well, I am. With the snow continuing to pile up around me, I can't wait for nicer weather. And it's only January. (Oh boy, am I in for a let down!)

To answer some questions from my lovely winter pictures, yes, BC, that is indeed the bbq I set fire to this summer, that has still not been repaired (if it can be) or removed or replaced. So, no, I don't have a cover for the bbq, as the bbq is essentially dead. Bbq's that have had a fire extinguisher taken to them are not generally good for cooking food on.

It does, however, look quite pretty all covered in snow. Snow, now, not ice. Lots and lots of snow. I mean lots.

So no salads or cool weather eating for this family this week, not with winter fully surrounding us!

We are making a slight change to how we do dinner, with me working until 6pm every night, and the hubby taking over the after school activities. I've always made dinner during the weekdays, asking only that hubby be responsible for dinner on Saturdays. Well these days Saturdays is one of the few days I get to cook, so instead he is going to make dinner on Monday and Tuesday, I'm going to start dinner for Thursday that he will finish off before he takes the kids to music, and I will be responsible for the rest of the week.

This may not end up working out for us, and will make a change to how I menu plan, but for now, this is what we are going to try.

Sunday: Pork loin chops in honey garlic sauce with rice and sauted carrots and bok choy. Sauce needed more honey.

Monday: Roast beef. Not sure what else he's making, but I know he's making roast.

Tuesday: Hamburgers, homemade.

Wednesday: It is the hubby's birthday, but we are going to wait until the weekend to celebrate, so tonight I will surprise him with something.

Thursday: Crock pot chicken.

Friday: Shortbread waffles with fruit. Just cause they are tasty and fun and I suspect by Friday I will need it.

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