Menu Plan Monday: I have time off this week

My usual Monday to Friday schedule has been changed slightly this week, due to various appointments, so I will actually have some time to do some baking and cooking during the week. While my freezer in no way will accept my premaking and freezing a few items, not without exploding, my family can benefit from my spending some time in the kitchen.

Because today, Monday, is one of the days I am going to have off, my husband is off the hook for making dinner tonight. He's going to work late instead.

So here is this week's submission to Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Braised Beef Ribs with mashed potatoes and sauted carrots. (Sorry, no recipe as my 7 year old and I just threw some stuff together after dredging the ribs in seasoned flour, browning them and then throwing them in a pot. We put a can of diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh thyme and fresh bay leaf with the ribs and baked them for over 1 1/2 hours.)

Monday: Steak fajitas with corn tortillas and homemade salsa.

Tuesday: Pasta with sausage and tomato sauce.

Wednesday: Turkey stuffing burgers (I didn't get to this last week, so am trying for this week.)

Thursday: Pork chops with stuffed baked potatoes.

Friday: Whatever night.

Have a good week!

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