Foodie Fans of The Pioneer Woman: Cowgirl Food that everyone will love

I have to admit - I was a fan of The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, long before she came out with a cookbook, so I was thrilled when my copy of the book showed up in the mail. I ignored my family and ran off with my new book, curled up in my bed and spend the rest of the night reading.

Some cookbooks are more fun to read than others. This one was too short for me. Or I read it too fast.

Either way, just about everything in it looked great to me (except the Sangria, I just don't get Sangria.)

I wasn't especially surprised when a blogging group came out celebrating this book and PW Ree. How can you not? Between the food and the "easy on the eyes" cowboy photo's, this book was bound to have fans everywhere!

I'm just a little late in getting into joining this lovely group, Foodie Fans of The Pioneer Woman, established by Muneeba, of An Edible Symphony, and Debbie, of A Feast for the Eyes, who have decided that this round up's theme is Cowgirl Food.

If you have your own copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks, you know there is a section called Cowgirl Food, pages 194-209, where Ree provides recipes for things that Cowgirls love and Cowboys pretend not to love.

I chose to make creme brulee, a "low fat, no calorie" treat for my hubby, in belated celebration of his birthday (I was sick on his birthday and he was out at tkd with our boys.)

My only problem with this dessert was the little torch I have to brulee with - it was a thoughtful gift from my grandfather and hurt my hands trying to keep it on long enough to brulee the tops of these little babies.

Actually, I had another problem - eating more than two of these (my ramekins were much smaller than Ree's, I got 14 out of the recipe, just a few more than she did,) is overwhelming, but they are so good you want to eat more!

I'm hoping to be able to join in with this group on a regular basis, assuming I can remember to take pictures of the recipes I have made from this book.

Thanks Debbie and Muneeba for taking on the job of hosting and giving me an excuse to get the camera out again!


Megan said...

Of course creme brulee is no calorie and low fat! Why else would it taste so good?

I must be the only person on the earth not to have a copy of that book - but I'll just have to remedy that problem.

Risa said...

Oh you're not the only one Megan :-( if I bring in another cookbook Hubby may throw me to the streets! Soooo I have to live through the lives of my fellow foodies (and Ree) to get some PW satisfaction!! This looks delish, botchy torch or not!

Kim said...

Wow- 14 creme brulee? I have the same ramekins that you have and now I'm inspired;D They look like they turned out perfectly, despite the small torch. I've heard you can broil them, but I don't know how that would work out. This was a great pick :D

Joanne said...

So glad you joined the fun! I missed you from our TFF days. Ah memories.

These creme brulees look delicious! This is a dessert that I have always wanted to make...but my roommate won't let me have a blowtorch. I would never be able to stop at one ramekin. There would be at least two or three in my belly within minutes.