Menu Plan Monday: It's BBQ time!

Oh happy day! Happy, happy day!

Saturday morning saw me putting down all the seats of my car so my brand new bbq could be loaded up into it! Saturday afternoon/evening saw rain, rain and more rain but I did not care! I was bbq'ing even if it was a blizzard! A hurricane! A monsoon!

Yes, that is rain you see on my bbq, and steam you see rising off the grills, but I persisted and we had a bbq on Saturday.

And Sunday.

And likely will for the entire rest of the week!

(Go ahead, see me dancing around, bbq tongs in hand. Probably not far from the truth.)

Did I mention the weather forecast for this week calls for rain? Every single day of the week.

(So add me getting rained on while dancing around. Good image.)

Menu Plan Monday, here we go!

Sunday: Steak with bbq baked potatoes and garlic mushrooms

Monday: Hot dogs with fruit (I'm not home until after 8:30, hubby gets to decide if he's going to try the new bbq)

Tuesday: Chicken and apple salad (I bbq'd a whole chicken, butterflied, last night, to be used this week for salad and another night.)

Wednesday: Korean bbq beef with rice. Or pork chops with sticky glaze.

Thursday: Club sandwiches (using more of that chicken I bbq'd last night.)

Friday: No plans.


Kara said...

Where I'm from BBQ refers to a specific TYPE of cooking on the grill. If something is BBQ'd it means it's been either dry rubbed or grilled with sauce. Anything else - steak, potatoes, corn, etc. - is simply grilled.

Where are you from that anything cooked on the grill is referred to as BBQ? It must be a regional thing?

BC said...

Is that a new BBQ or a resurrected one?

Jessy said...

It's good to see that nothing kept you from your "date with bbq destiny!" Glad to see that the rain didn't damper your spirits! It looks delicious, by the way! We have to buy a new one...soon!