Menu Plan Monday: April 25, not yet finished

It was such a lovely weekend that I'm dreading it being over. The sun was out, the weather was lovely, and we spent time together as a family, went exploring, found a new park for the kids to play at and just had some laughs.

We live on the outside of Ottawa, and this area has lots of little villages around it, each with a church or two. At this time of the year, most of those churches are holding a church supper of some kind, a fundraising event for the church, but a tasty dinner option for us. We had several choices for Saturday night, both roast beef dinners, learned of a roast beef dinner we'd missed, and of an upcoming ham and turkey dinner. So many options!

If you've never been to a church supper, they can be a hit or miss type of experience. Everything is homemade, but nothing is made by the same person. The dishes are a collection of items that are volunteered by the congregation, as is the meal, including dessert. A family can go and depending on where you are in line, you can end up with two completely different meals.

Then there is the pie. The ladies of these churches turn out pie after pie after pie for dessert. The church we chose for our dinner had a take out booth set up, and when you went in to place your order, the counter was covered in different pies. There was coconut cream, apple, cherry cranberry, butterscotch, chocolate, lemon meringue, cherry, raisin, and my favorite, the strawberry rhubarb custard pie. Oh was it good!

Memories of a good weekend.... Back to Monday and my menu plan for Menu Plan Monday.

My week is going to be off slightly, so I haven't finished my menu plan, but here is what I have so far...

Sunday: Honey garlic chicken wings with potato skins and veggies and dip.

Monday: Turkey kabobs with corn on the cobb.

Tuesday: Beef noodle soup.

Wednesday: Undecided at this point.

Thursday: Pasta of some kind.

Friday: No idea.

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