Menu Plan Monday: I think I forgot something

Yup, I forgot to write up my menu plan for the week.

I remembered, sometime Monday, but I was at work when I remembered. Which did my blog no good at all.

So here it is, Wednesday, and I'm finally posting my plan for the week for Menu Plan Monday.

Sunday: Mother's Day and I had a pj day, eating nachos while watching tv. The boys left me alone and went elsewhere for supper.

Monday: Hamburgers on the bbq.

Tuesday: Pizza (take out, the plan ahead did not work due to unforeseen circumstances.)

Wednesday: Pork souvlaki with tzaziki and pita, pasta salad.

Thursday: Chicken drum sticks, with whatever the hubby wants to make with them.

Friday: Something on the bbq, not sure what.

So last week Kara asked me an interesting question about regional differences for bbq'ing and grilling: Sorry Kara, it must be a regional thing - if someone invites me for a bbq, it can be anything from hamburgers to steak, veggies, fruit or anything really. No one say's they are going to grill, they just say bbq.

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