I Hearts Cooking Club: Mark Bittman Edition, Movie Night

A quickie for me today, running late for what I'd like to do this morning but did not want to miss this week's posting for I Hearts Cooking Club, where we are cooking up Mark Bittman. Theme for this week is Movie Night, which leaves a very broad interpretation.

Sure popcorn or candy is traditional (and if I'd had time, I would have made some homemade peanut brittle from HTCE, but I didn't), but who says you have to be stuck with traditional snacks for movie night?

Lately our little family has been gathering around and watching Doctor Who together, fresh from the pvr, which is as close to movie night as we can manage.

For a fun "snack" or fancy dessert, try a chocolate souffle, with creme anglaise (vanilla custard sauce.) A little prep work in advance, pop it in the oven while eating dinner, and it is good to go when you want to snuggle down on the couch for a good night of traveling through space in a tiny blue box.

Leftovers, while not as fluffy, work well in a lunch box the next day.

Or skip the souffle and just drink the custard with a straw, right out of the pot.

Both these recipes can be found in How to Cook Everything, on pages 673 for the custard, and 674 for the souffle.

Now to find my shoes and head out to the farmer's market! Ack! Where did I put my camera!?!


Heather S-G said...

Oh, this looks sinful! Delish :)

Kim said...

I think I could literally drink the creme anglaise with a straw! It looks terrific Jenny.

P.S. We like Doctor Who too!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Looks like the perfect movie or TV show food--decadent and delicious! Great pick!

breadchick said...

OH yea, I'd drink that sauce through a straw or lick it from a spoon or heck, spoon it right from the pan!

Joanne said...

I love how we are all making simple snacks for movie watching and you are making a souffle! That's why you are so cute. THe souffle sounds delicious!