Happy Mother's Day, Mark Bittman Style

I'm a mom.

Meet my punks, my boys....

Yup, that's my oldest. Growing up so fast and gaining maturity. (hehehe)

And my little Sous Chef, in a very normal, typical position for him.

If asked what I've accomplished in my life so far, those two are my answer. I have two beautiful, silly boys, each confident in their own selves, polite to others, and unique in their own way.

My little one greeted me this morning with a couple of lovely Mother's Day cards he'd made at school, then jumped right in to make juice for me. But first he said, "Pancakes! I want you to make pancakes for breakfast this morning!"

I declined on the pancakes and instead jazzed up my selection for this week's entry for the I Hearts Cooking Club, where the theme was Breakfast in Bed.

I have been craving scones lately, so when my copy of How to Cook Everything just happened to be open to page 252, where Cream Scones are featured, I took it as a sign I should make my own.

What I'd really like is white chocolate blueberry scones (thanks so much Starbucks, you put the idea in my head!), but I keep forgetting to pick up dried blueberries for them. Instead I made only one change to this recipe (other than shape) - I replaced the dried currents/raisins with vanilla bean instead, to give these scones a delicate vanilla flavor.

The scones on their own, not bad, but as I've found with almost every Bittman recipe I've made so far, lacking in the flavor department.

So I added some....

Now, I don't know that I'd want to eat this in bed exactly, unless I had a very big napkin to catch any drips I might make with that lovely, bright strawberry juice. I'm a messy eater, and probably would splash something.

Happy Mother's Day to all you other Mom's out there. May your morning include breakfast in bed, and funky homemade cards from your own punks.


Kim said...

Happy Mother's Day Jenny! I love scones too and I like that you chose to add vanilla to these. They definitely look delicious with all the whipped cream and strawberries:D

Shelby said...

Happy Mother's Day! I thought about the scones myself but I didn't have any cream....I have yet to make scones..but will someday soon!

Deb in Hawaii said...

Cream scones are the perfect blank canvass to jazz up with fruit and cream. They look delicious. ;-)

Amber @ Pampered Recipes said...

Mother's day was again awesome in my camp as well! Hubby and kids made a great breakfast in bed for me!

Couscous & Consciousness said...

Your scones look positively gorgeous, and adding vanilla bean is a great twist - I like that.