Happy Easter!

We aren't home for Easter this year, but just because we aren't, doesn't mean I can't find a stove and get cooking!

While the Easter Bunny had to go traveling to find the kids (leaving chocolate eggs in very odd places), I brought some items from home to make things festive for the grown ups. Including these fun eggs that I turned into Deviled Eggs, as part of the ham dinner I made.

Despite the colors, these eggs are completely edible. And are very easy to make.

Easter Eggs for Grown Ups

hard boiled eggs (as many as you'd like, I made 8), still in the shell
various food coloring gels (the kind you use to color icing for cakes)
zip top bags, one for each color you are going to use.

Prepare the colors: Place 1/2-2/3 of a cup of warm water in each of the zip bags you are going to use*. Using separate spoons, mix in some of the food coloring, swirling around in the water so that all the color mixes in and comes off the spoon. The amount of color you use depends on how vibrant you want the eggs to be.

*Tip* Place the zip bags in a bowl, mug or plastic container to let it stand up, before you add the water.

Crack the shells of the eggs, but do not remove! You want to create good cracks so the color can seep inside, but not leave holes in the shells.

Place the eggs inside the colored water bags, seal the bags, removing the air as you do so, then place the bags in the fridge over night.

The next day, drain the water and peel the eggs to reveal the colors and patterns you created.

Use your fun colored eggs for Deviled Eggs, egg salad sandwiches, sliced on a salad, pretty well anywhere you would normally use a hard boiled egg.


The Food Addicts said...

I like the whole idea of grown up easter eggs. :)

Debbie Bello said...

I love deviled eggs and these would make them very pretty.