Menu Plan Monday: April 18

Tried something a little different and fun this weekend. Together with a friend and her son, we went trout fishing again at the local trout farm (each member of our family caught a fish, including one by my oldest that was caught before he put any bait on his line.)

Then, I took the 7 fish we caught, discovered it is very, very, very difficult, almost impossible, to fillet a little fish. Especially without a filleting knife.

Then I beer battered them and deep fried them.

And do you know what those little trout tasted like?

Nothing. They tasted like nothing.

Which might explain why my oldest ate two pieces.

Oh well, it was fun catching and cooking.

On to the menu plan for the week, being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

Sunday: Grilled whole chicken, rice and corn.

Monday: Pasta (hubby made sauce Sunday).

Tuesday: Taco night - oldest son has 'volunteered' to cook that night. Think his brother can help by shredding the cheese.

Wednesday: Chicken cutlets with salad.

Thursday: Sausage on a bun with veggies and dip.

Friday: No plan at all. See what we are all in the mood for.

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