Foodie Fans of the Pioneer Woman: Make this cake

Ree's Chocolate Sheet Cake, found on pages 218, 19 and 20. A lovely chocolate cake with chocolate icing, plenty for a crowd.

I must have made this cake a good half dozen times before I ever got a picture of it. It isn't a picturesque cake, nothing fancy, but people dive into it and it's hard to take a pretty picture of something that people are inhaling.

The only reason I didn't have to fight off my kids to get this picture is because I hid my slice and then I waited until they were busy with their own pieces. My kids are pretty good about letting me get pictures of food items, either mine or their own, but when there is chocolate cake, with a decadent, gooey icing, why tempt them?

I like it when the theme for Food Fans of the Pioneer Woman is any recipe. Makes it easier for me to justify making yet another dessert as my submission.

Thanks Deb and Muneba for this selection.

And thank you Ree, Pioneer Woman, for a great cake recipe that will be make many, many more times for my family and friends.


Kim said...

Your cake looks like it turned out perfectly! So funny that you had to hide your own slice - I don't blame you at all. We Moms need a chocolate fix too, right ;-)

Elana said...

This looks really great, simple, and elegant. I have been looking for the best chocolate cake recipe to make. I just got a really nice stand mixer from a restaurant equipment store and I have used it everyday since I got it. This beautiful recipe is just another excuse to plug it in.