Menu Plan Monday: Welcome March

Before I even had this menu plan written, it had changed.

It used to be that my menu plan involved all the nights that I cooked, with one night where the hubby cooked, and I only planned for what I was making. Since going back to work full-time, I've needed help, and dinner is one of the things I need help with.

My usual plan involves my cooking everything Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun, with my planning and prepping for the rest of the week, but my husband finishing those nights. Sometimes I plan for something he is very comfortable making (like Sheppard's Pie or Spaghetti), and just make sure he has the ingredients to make it. Other nights I do prep in advanced and leave him detailed instructions. It depends.

Last week he was home sick, so dinner's were a bit off, with him not being in any shape to cook or eat, and my not getting home until after 6:30 most nights.

This week he is back to himself, back to work, I am fine, but my little sous chef is quite sick and I'm home taking care of him. I'd hoped it would just be for today (as I'm sure my boss did when I called in this morning), but it isn't looking good for a 1 day illness and as a result, I'm changing the menu plan to reflect my being home.

Oh, and Sunday night's plan changed when the kids and I found ourselves joining an impromptu hockey watching party and ended up eating at the restaurant. What a great way to watch hockey.

Sunday: Pub food. 3-2 final score.

Monday: Fajitas with homemade salsa.

Tuesday: Grilled pork chops with scalloped potatoes and roasted asparagus.

Wednesday: Chili Con Carne. Or something like it.

Thursday: Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast, mashed potatoes and roasted corn.

Friday: No idea. I'm uninspired.

And that's what I'm submitting to Menu Plan Monday.

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