Menu Plan Monday: It's March Break

For the first time since my children started getting March Break, I won't be home with them.

This makes me sad, actually.

Even sadder, though, is that I am breaking one of my own March Break rules this week, without the boys.

I've learned, over the last 7 March Breaks, that there are 3 things I should never do during that short week in March, and I learned these the hard way: Never go to a public swim (the pools and change rooms will be packed and loud,) avoid the museums, for the same reason, and avoid the IKEA restaurant for all I can.

Guess which rule I'll be breaking?

With this in mind, I'm anticipating a very tiring week. There may be take out involved by about Thursday. We'll see....

Pork Souvlaki with pita, tzatziki and salad (pork bought premarinaded from Costco)
Stew (made ahead)
Pepper and Garlic chicken (chicken bought premarinaded from Costco)
Slowcooker pulled chicken and tortillas (put frozen whole chicken in slow cooker with jar of strong salsa walk away and come home to dinner ready)

I know that is only 5 of the usual 6 meals I would post (and I'm leaving open the days for each) but I'm uninspired this week and also waiting to see how things go.

It's not much, but its some sort of a plan, and my submission to Menu Plan Monday.

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