Omnivores Ottawa Supper Club: Allium

When Ron and Mike announced the location, and menu, for the February Supper Club, I was interested. I admit it. I'd never heard of Allium, but the menu, oh the menu, it intrigued me.

The price was higher than my budget was comfortable with, but I was able to find a way, so reserved a seat for myself and a co-worker to go together.

Then I met up with Don and Jenn from foodiePrints, who gave me a glowing recommendation of Allium, and I was even more excited to be going.

Nor was I disappointed at all.

I chose not to go with the optional wine pairing (I know, everyone is shocked by this,) but those around me who did have it were quite pleased with the selections chosen by Owner/Chef Arup Jana, Sous-Chef Luke Baxter. The staff were both attentive and unobtrusive, and knowledgeable when we had questions.

First course: Seared sea scallop, crispy Prosciutto tuille, Tuna tartar with shiso (and truffle oil), and Lobster Roll.

Every sandwich I eat from now on should have crispy prosciutto in it. And I could eat the tuna and lobster every day. For breakfast.

Oh the scallop was good too, but the tuna was divine....

Second course: Maple cured roasted duck breast, on top of a cauliflower and goat cheese puree (and hiding some lovely sauted mushrooms,) melt in your mouth pork belly, puff pastry wrapped duck leg, braised and shredded, and Foie mousse, on a scallion pancake, with truffle oil.

No one had issues with the Foie mousse at our table, but if they had, there were plenty of us who would have stepped up to take that problem away from them.

Third course: Herb salad with lemon dressing, honey, walnuts, tender micro-greens and a salty Allegreto cheese.

This worked best if you could get a bit of greens, cheese and walnut in the same bite.

Fourth Course: Flat iron sliced beef, braised shank (with a bright green and vibrant chimi sauce,) Angus tenderloin cube on top of tomato, and individual Tourtiere with a tomato ketchup/relish, served with a potato gratin.

A meat eaters dream, this course. I am not a vegetarian and will never be one, not if this is the kind of beef I can expect to eat in my life.

Oh and this Tourtiere has replaced all my memories of all the not so good pies I'd had growing up.

Final Course, dessert: Raspberry sorbet with blood orange slices, chocolate brownie on top of chocolate ganache, topped with vanilla ice cream, candied pecans, a drizzle of caramel and shaved chocolate.

I dislike pecans, unless they are candied and come with this brownie, the ganache, the ice cream....

And the raspberry sorbet was probably the best I have ever had, a bright fruit flavor, not artificial, not overwhelming.

Despite being very full, I ate every bite on this plate and would have done it again if another had been presented to me. You'd have had to roll me out afterwards, but it would have been worth it.

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