Menu Plan Monday: It's a freezer week

I know, I'm a day late in posting this. I could have posted yesterday and been on time, but I chose to go to bed instead so I could get up early this morning and swim for a short while. I did get up early and made it to swimming, but I didn't get to be as early as I should have.

So this week's menu plan, which is going to be linked to Menu Plan Monday, is dedicated to my freezer. Everything comes from my freezer, and I'm glad I had the items in there for us. Unfortunately, that leaves me with very little that is premade, so I'm going to have to do some batch cooking (and, yeah, I think I will have time to this weekend!)

Sunday: My work Christmas party, hubby and I were out for dinner. I won a nice prize at the party too.

Monday: Chicken in pineapple sauce with rice. Frozen chicken and a slow cooker.

Tuesday: Stew with mashed potatoes. Both the stew and the potatoes are from the freezer.

Wednesday: Potential massive snow day, our first of the year, but I still reserve this day for broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast (premade in the freezer for the win!) with veggies, also from the freezer.

Thursday: Sheppard's Pie, from, you guessed it, in the freezer!

Friday: Either hamburgers and hot dogs, or going out for fish and chips. We shall wait and see.

Just over two weeks away from Christmas and I am not ready yet. I've done no baking. I've not finished my shopping. We don't have our tree up yet (we are still waiting for my furniture for the living room before we put up our tree,) or our lights, or my wreath for the front door. Good thing I have nothing planned for Saturday!

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Anonymous said...

You still don't have the furniture? Whoa, that is unacceptable. -- Margaret