Product Review: PC Pad Thai Sauce

If you've ever looked at my FoodBuzz profile page, you'll note that I say my favorite restaurant is Sukhothai, a local Thai restaurant. My hubby and I like to go together and order an assortment of dishes and then eat too much food together.

We each have one dish that is always chosen, his being beef with chili and basil, and mine being Pad Thai with shrimp.

I've made Pad Thai from scratch before, and been disappointed. Despite this, when I was asked to try a bunch of the new President's Choice products from the Holiday Insider's Report, Pad Thai cooking sauce was my top choice.

A quick and easily put together meal, which I need lately, that is fairly well balanced with some veggies (I used carrots, bell peppers and bean sprouts), a healthy protein (shrimp), noodles and sauce.

Unfortunately, this did not make it to the plate without having lost votes already from our family of four: one child was sick and not eating (and still doesn't know we had shrimp without him, don't tell him please!), the other was unwilling to try it. Oh well, I thought - more for me!

I did mention I really like shrimp Pad Thai, right?

The final results were alright, the sweet and sticky sauce coating everything. It is a very good choice for someone who hasn't had very good Thai food and wants to try something in their own home. The instructions on the bottle were easy to follow and it made plenty of Pad Thai, even with only two of us eating it.

As for us, we are going to stick to Sukhothai for our Pad Thai in the future. Maybe when you've had one of the best, the rest just don't measure up.

You can purchase President's Choice Pad Thai Cooking Sauce at any President's Choice affiliated grocery store, such as Loblaws, Independent Grocer's, Value Mart, Superstore, or Zehrs.


Megan said...

I love pad thai but have not been able to find GOOD pad thai here. A bottled sauce just doesn't cut it, you know?

Anyways, I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

Hamster said...

There's a video on making pad thai and the sauce at

Anonymous said...

I find this PAD THai sauce much too sweet. I used to buy the sauce in a can and absolutely loved it. Now they don't have it on the shelf anymore. It was just the right balance of tart, sweet, and spicy. We use this sauce at least once a week and my whole family loved it. I don't see using this new sauce. When I made it last I could barely get it down because of the excessive sweetness. My daughter and husband wouldn't were not to impressed either. They used to ask for "rice noodles" but not any more.

A. Kovacs said...

This version of Pad Thai sauce is way too sweet and too watery. Please,Please bring back to canned version that you used to sell. That sauce was perfect