Menu Plan Monday: The countdown begins

This morning my little one sat down with a paper and pen and figured out how many days it was until Christmas, just like they'd done at school to figure out how many days until the end of 2009. In doing so, he made me realize I should start giving some thought to what I'd like to make for both Christmas breakfast and dinner.

Since I try to stay within a certain budget for groceries, Christmas always throws things off.

This year I am trying things a bit different - instead of doing one huge shopping trip for everything I'll need, I'm trying to just get a few things each time I shop. My budget is still going to be affected, but not in one huge hit.

Here goes this week's plan, ready for Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Meatballs with buttered pasta. Recipe doubled for the freezer.

Monday: Pork roast in slow cooker, with apple sauce and smashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Not sure. Hubby is taking over this night, so whatever he makes.

Wednesday: Buttermilk chicken fingers with salad.

Thursday: Pick up night - we are doing a new schedule for Tkd that night and as a result, no one is getting home before 8pm.

Friday: We are going to try for hamburgers and hot dogs again. Try.

So what do you do to plan for the Christmas groceries?

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norapinephrine said...

We're usually out of town for Christmas, so I plan to have unspoiled food in the freezer and fridge plus some cat food and cat litter for when we get back. But I usually manage to forget something that we need :)