Menu Plan Monday: A family effort

Has anyone noticed that the only post I do lately is my Menu Plan Monday post? I know, it's sad. I have ideas for posts. I even have some pictures for posts. I just am lacking in time.

This week, however, I might get at least one more post done, cause I'm not making every dinner this week and am 95% done my Christmas shopping.

So here we go, my Menu Plan for Menu Plan Monday!

Sunday: Tyler's Chili. I made this one, not exactly this recipe, but close enough.

Monday: Pasta with choice of sauce, Alfredo or Marinara, and garlic bread. To be made by my oldest son. He picked this while we were grocery shopping together, as a family, earlier today (something we do maybe once very two years.)

Tuesday: Eating out at IKEA night. I'm working until 6, my usual time, and the boys are all going to tkd class together, so they will meet me after class and we will have dinner together. No cooking, no dishes. (Okay, no dishes for me to do, but we will return our trays to tray return so that the dishes get done.)

Wednesday: Pork chops with mashed potatoes. Hubby is cooking tonight. Vegetable to be decided closer to dinner time.

Thursday: Christmas Eve. Normally on Christmas Eve we do a meat and veggie fondue, cooking them in a broth, but I am not sure I feel like doing that this year. I think we might make burgers. Or homemade pizza. I don't know yet what we will do.

Friday: Christmas Day. I'm making ham and potatoes and whatever else I feel like making. My MIL is making turkey. My SIL is making veggies and bringing an appetizer. Sounds like lots of fun to me!

Saturday: Left over buffet. Cause I'm sure there will be some.

If I don't make it back with another post this week (I promise to try!), have a wonderful Christmas!


Megan said...

Yes - you've been noticeably absent for quite some time. But I'm glad it's just because you are busy - this time of year is crazy!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Unknown said...

We miss Ikea! I wish they would open a store in Las Vegas. We used to love walking the store on a Sunday for fun.
You have a delicious menu planned!
I'm so glad that my husband isn't working on Christmas Eve and Christmas. He really needs the days off.
Here's wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

ps Please feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment regarding "Do you still read the newspaper"?